Les Bains Scandinaves Old Montreal, 71 de la Commune W.

A world-renowned way to refresh and relax the mind and body, these authentic, award-winning Scandinavian baths will wash away the day's exertion in a hushed and timeless atmosphere.

Clock Tower Beach at the Clock Quay

The all new Clock Tower Beach opened this June and has quickly become a destination for sun-worshippers and those who enjoy beachside fresh drinks or snacks. When the action heats up a refreshing spray mist is also available.. And it's the perfect spot to see our fireworks festival!

Old Montreal horse carriages, corner of St-Laurent and de la Commune Sts.

Ask any driver - there have been lots of proposals in the back seats of “ les calèches ”! Cuddle up for Montreal's quintessentially romantic tour, to the sound of clip-clop on the cobblestones.

River ferry, Jacques-Cartier Quay

Take a gentle ferry ride across to Ste-Hélène's island, just minutes to a peaceful shoreline walk or picnic away from the city bustle. On the way back, you'll be treated to a spectacular sunset over Montreal and Mount Royal.



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